A Thirst for Murder

Not all is well in Tacoma, Washington.


“There’s something out there.”

Those words from her brother, a detective for Tacoma’s police department, now course through Stephanie Hawthorn’s head as she’s held in the iron grip of a stranger. The karaoke music of the SandBar, just on the other side of the restroom door, had hidden her calls for help. Now she awaits her fate as she glares into her assailant’s eyes. 

But this is no ordinary stranger. 

This man that now holds her will forever change Stephanie’s life and introduce her to a world she had no idea existed. A world her own father and brother are a part of. A world where people are very much not what they appear to be. A world that she will become a key part of.

Join Stephanie’s journey of discovery and danger as she and her newly found blood-drinking lover frantically try to track down the terrible person…or creature...that is killing innocent women. 


A Thirst for Murder - Rise of Skylar


Stephanie’s back.

After nearly five years of running from the Luterae, Stephanie Hawthorn and her father have returned to their home in the Puget Sound. And it’s not just the two of them who look forward to settling down for at least a few days’ rest. Stephanie’s precocious four-year-old daughter, Skylar, is eager to find out what life is like when you’re not hiding in a cargo container on a ship halfway across the world. 

But less than twenty-four hours into their stay at beautiful Browns Point, Washington, the mayhem once again returns.

While Stephanie’s father is called away on a mysterious mission to find out who is murdering hundreds of Tutellas—the same type of creature that he is—Stephanie has her own mission: to find Remington Octavius Augustus, her former blood-sucking lover and Skylar’s father. A father whom Skylar has never met.

This time around, Stephanie must fight not only to find her past love, but also to save her daughter from a terrible, terrible fate.   A fate that very well may be unavoidable. Join Stephanie and Skylar on a fast-paced journey that combines action, romance, mystery, monsters—and even time travel—in one plot-twisting adventure.


Of God and Love - A Story of Stolen Letters

A significant departure from Elite's racy sci-fi adventures, Of God and Love takes place in the quiet town of Sondrio, Italy in the late 1940's. We follow a young Nun, Gemma DeLuca, on her trip of self-discovery.  Her world is shaken up when she unwittingly discovers a set of letters. Love letters.  

This discovery, along with the arrival of a handsome, but troubled American soldier, flips Gemma's world upside down and she finds herself with some very un-nunlike feelings. 

After the American disappears – and Gemma discovers a shocking betrayal by the convent’s mother -  Gemma throws everything she knows aside to go find what may end up being the love of her life.



David Cavendale is on cloud nine. Maybe nine and a half. His book series having recently been picked up by a major motion picture company and the paychecks have paid for a ridiculous new apartment overlooking downtown Seattle. He's ready to conquer the single world of Belltown when he's introduced to someone that changes everything in his life. A beautiful young woman with a dark and horrific past that continues to haunt her daily. But there is an immediate bond between the two - she has read and re-read David's books...time over time.

Swans, a short novel, tells the story of unexpected love beyond David's wildest imagination and a bond that faces the most dark of challenges. It is also the inspiration to John Mark Tucker's sequel to Elite, titled Time Over Time.


Mesa Park: Welcome Back to Roswell


David Cavendale is returning to his hometown of Roswell, New Mexico, for his 20th high school reunion. Yes, RHS Class of ’89 is gathering en masse for a brief few days to take over the small town located in the middle of the desert. David’s beautiful girlfriend is traveling with him and with the help of some old Class of ’89 friends, the weekend is looking epic. 

But that doesn’t last long.

Hours after David lands in his hometown, chaos finds both him and everyone around him. Something is going on in Roswell. Strange occurrences are happening all over town that no one can explain. Or is it that no one wants to explain? Something or someone has returned to wreak havoc on Roswell’s innocent residents. 

And David knows what it is.

He’s seen it. 

Back in 1987, during his sophomore year at RHS, it—whatever it was—sent him and his friends on a wild goose chase that ended in tragedy—the loss of one of his best friends.

So, what now?

Join David and his lifelong friends, the Jaguar Gang, on their adventure that spans two decades, beginning in 1987. It’s a chase to find something that isn’t supposed to exist. Something that will most certainly change all their lives if they do find it. Something that has lived in Roswell for a very long time—just waiting for David to return.