Kind words from my readers


Chiara, Piateda Italy

 "I finished "Of God and Love" yesterday evening and I found it amazing. Every page, especially the last ones, were breathless, and I have literally eaten them cause I was curious to know if Gemma and Marshall would be together. For more than two years I hadn't read a book but as soon as I started your novel placed in Sondrio, I totally fell in love with it. I really enjoyed your writing style, the short phrases in italian and of course the setting as well. In spite of the english language, I appreciated every single word, and I was taken back to the '40s."  

Full Review of Mesa Park from the Roswell Daily Record


After interviewing Tucker, I downloaded the e-book version of “Mesa Park: Welcome Back to Roswell” and started reading. The book pulls the reader in with its vivid language — with an appropriate swear word thrown in when a certain creature shows up — and the natural flowing dialogue. The banter between the old school friends is hilarious and shows a deep connection that even being miles apart won’t break. The story is set in 2009 with flashbacks to 1987, and locals will recognize the authenticity including that the Roswell airport did look like it was out of the ‘70s, just as Tucker writes.

The fictional mystery is kept in an ominous shadow, with visions driving the story. The locations and flashbacks set the atmosphere without losing the storyline, a tricky and well-done accomplishment. A lot of humor lightens the story, especially the description of the diners Denny’s, Schlotzky’s and Capitol Cafe that were the spot to be for the kids growing up in Roswell and where to get a snack, hanging out after a night “on the town” or to enjoy authentic New Mexico food.

I had to Google some fashion that was popular in Roswell in the ‘80s and that Tucker described. The reader might not want to look it all up, because the sight of parachute pants is something I am glad to have missed.

This book has everything locals and newbies to Roswell may appreciate, including those who just enjoy a good mystery with supernatural and out-of-this-world elements. For me, it was also refreshing to see the quality of language. This book would make a great movie and — unlike the TV show “Roswell” — it feels authentic with real drama between the characters.

Christina Stock

Amazon Review for Elite: Three, Christine, USA

"This author KNOWS how to "spin a yarn" , as they say. I have read over 1500 books in the last 3 years and John Tucker really caught my attention! The character building is gripping, the suspense enough to have you wanting to grab the arm of your chair for dear life!!! I read all 3 books in one day...(good thing I'm retired now!) Absolutely loved Tanner and Sterling's total absorption with each other, dispite overwhelming odds against them. The action was amazing and I can't wait for more!" 

Amazon Review for Elite: One, Chip, USA

"Very fast-paced and entertaining book and happy to see the second installment has just arrived - just downloaded it! I read a lot of Science Fiction and particularly enjoyed the steamy relationship between the two main characters and the abundance of action in the book. A real page-turner that I couldn't put down and left me hungry for more! Was especially impressed that this is a debut novel and I am now a solid fan of the author." 

Amazon Review for Elite: One, November, USA

"Great read! I couldn't put it down and I can't wait for the next installment! It's a MUST read!" 


Debra and Tom - England

"I read your book Of God and Love while in New England a couple of weeks ago. Really enjoyed it; a nice holiday read for me. Liked the little twist at the end."  - Debra