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John Mark Tucker is the author of numerous romance based novels including Sci/Fi Romance Elite Series, the Period Romance, Of God and Love and the Modern Day Romance, SWANS. 

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RELEASED - January 2018


Not all is well in Tacoma, Washington. 

“There’s something out there.”

Those words from her brother, a detective for Tacoma’s police department, now course through Stephanie Hawthorn’s head as she’s held in the iron grip of a stranger. The karaoke music of the SandBar, just on the other side of the restroom door, had hidden her calls for help. Now she awaits her fate as she glares into her assailant’s eyes. 

But this is no ordinary stranger. 

This man that now holds her will forever change Stephanie’s life and introduce her to a world she had no idea existed. A world her own father and brother are a part of. A world where people are very much not what they appear to be. A world that she will become key part of.

Join Stephanie’s journey of discovery and danger as she and her newly found blood-drinking lover frantically try to track down the terrible person…or creature...that is killing innocent women. 


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